Post #14- The End……….I Don’t Think So!!!!

As we all know, the greatest time of all is coming rapidly.  SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and with summer we all know that it also means SUMMER VACATION!!!!! and NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!  But along with all this gladness comes a different topic.  That topic is no more blogging.  We have our choice of either deleting our blogs that we have slaved hours upon to make it perfect, or at least get a somewhat good grade on it, or we can keep posting over the summer.  But what I was thinking is, why should I get rid of a blog that I spent so much time on.  So I have decided to keep on with my new found fondness of blogging.

Now you may be thinking, well what will I be reading about Holly in the summer.  Well this summer, I will be at home most the time watching re-runs of NCIS.  BUT I will be having some new adventures coming my way.  Some blogs that may be coming up include my experiences in drivers ed.  Another may include a drivers license test, which hopefully I’ll pass and not run a red light……{like SOMEONE I know}  I also will be going on a missions trip to Yuba City, California with my good friend Mikayla and her youth group.  So I believe that I have some good stories coming up for this summer.  It will also prevent me from going insane from watching re-runs of NCIS and having to wait for the new season to start!!!!!!!!  Anyways, I hope all of you have enjoyed my attempt at writing witty blogs and I hope that you will read my summer series of blogs!!!

So until later I bid you all a fond farewell………………………………….for now.

Post #13- Heroes

I have many people in my life who I could call my hero.  But one person comes to mind who I have always believed to be my hero.  This person is my grandpa.   Not only is he my hero, but I think he is a hero to the American people.  He was in the navy aboard the U.S.S Tilman during World War 2.  He may not have fought in the bloodiest battles, or dropped bombs on the Japanese soldiers, but he did serve his country in the hardest times.  I think anyone who serves their country should be labeled a hero.  But he is my hero because he has always showed courage and wisdom in the toughest times, and has helped me through my own life.  Until I was 12, I didn’t get to see him that much, but then in the summer of 2005, him and my grandma moved from their home of over 40 years in Meadowbrook, Illinois to Springfield, Oregon.  That I believe showed real courage.  He had to leave behind family, friends and his long time neighbors to go to a brand new place and make new friends and face the dreaded weather we call rain.  This last year has been tough for him, and I think it has shown his greatest courage.  In November of 2008, his wife of 60 years, {yes it IS possible to be married to someone that long} died of a stroke.  It has been hard for him, but everyday he still goes on just remembering that life should be lived to the fullest, and that he will see the love of his life again in the great kingdom of heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Post #11- Color Thingy

The color orange reminds me of so many things. First it remind me of those great fall days that you want to go outside and jump in the freshly raked leaves. Then you get yelled at by your annoyed parents and have to re-rake the leaves, then that little devil on your shoulder tells you to go jump in the pile again, and so on. Ahhh those great fall days.

And who could think of orange and not think of a big ‘ol pumpkin. We all loved going out and finding that perfect pumpkin and sticking your hand and gutting out the ooooy gooooy insides. If you didn’t like doing that as a child, then you have led a horrifying life. It’s even more fun to make your pumpkin extra “special.”

And who could forget that oh so lovable snack that smiles back, GOLDFISH!!!!! The delicious cheesyness in a bite-size fishy cracker. If you don’t love these things then you have some epic problems and should buy yourself a bag ‘o goldfish crackers and eat the whole thing. Hopefully after you eat it all you will love them and your stomach won’t want to do what that poor pumpkin is doing in picture numero dos. {that’s picture number two for you non-spanish talkers, or #2 for the people who don’t know how to spell.}

Post #10- I LOVE NCIS!!!!

This show I believe is the greatest, awesomess, coolest show ever! It has great characters that keep growing every show. If you don’t know what show I’m talking about, let me briefly summarize it.
NCIS is a crime show about a group of special agents who solve crimes against the Navy and the Marines. NCIS means, Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The particular group on the show is led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs has his own way of doing things and he’ll solve a case even if it’s the last thing he does. Under Gibbs is Senior Field Agent, Anthony DiNozzo, or Tony. Tony is what you can call the oldest frat boy. But even though he may be immature at times, he’s a great investigator. Then theirs Officer Ziva David. She is a Liaison Officer from the Mossad, and she’s not afraid to play tough and kick someones butt. Last theirs Junior Field Agent Timothy McGee. He is the newbie of the group and even though he’s still learning, he knows how to use a computer like nobody else. Their is forensic scientist Abby Sciutto, who is a bouncy fun loving goth who everybody loves. Rounding off the group is Dr. Donald Mallard, aka Ducky. He knows it all because he’s seen it all and he’s not afraid to ramble on about his stories. Oh and how could I forget the fearless leader Jenny Sheppard. She is the director of NCIS and was Gibbs’ former lover. Last theirs Kate Todd, {may she rest in peace}. She was in the show the first two seasons and was killed by Gibbs’ worst enemy Ari Haswari, who also is Ziva’s brother. It may sound complicated but really, believe me, it isn’t as complicated as I can explain it. Plus I’m terrible at explaing things!
So basically that’s it. Sounds interesting? Well watch it on CBS on Tuesdays at 8:00. Or watch the reruns on USA everyday from 2-4, on Sleuth everyday at 1, and Ion on Mondays from 5-7. Now that you’ve read this take my Click Here to take survey. Have FUN!!!!

Post #9- The 3 R’s

Okay what’s the first thing you think of when someone says “the 3 R’s”.  If your silly little mind is still stuck in the 20th century it would be saying reading, riting, and rithmatic.  Now in the 21st century, we now actually know that the 3 R’s are grammatically incorrect AND who really cares about all that reading crap.  {to all you lit teachers out there you should know that I am JOKING!}  To get anywhere in this life you need to know the 3 R’s, but what I need to start learning is how not to get so far off track!!!!

Anyways, nowadays you need to know that the 21st century 3 R’s are {repeat after me} REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE!!!!!  As most of you should know is that on March 28th may I repeat MARCH 28, at 8:30, there will be an Earth Hour.  At 8:30 all of you should turn off your T.V’s, radio, small kitchen appliances, whatever that uses electricity, for an hour.  Or until 9:30, which ever you prefer.  Ok, Ok, your probably yelling at your computers saying “Than what the heck should we do for an hour.”  Well don’t ask me!!!  Plus if their is an episode of NCIS that is on, I probably won’t even do the Earth Hour.  My motto, NCIS is always first!

But now I’ll get to the real question.  How do I use the 21st century 3 R’s in my life.  Well some of you may not know, but I live in practically the Hippy town of America, Eugene.  Well actually I don’t live IN Eugene, but close enough!  Here, it seems like wherever you take a step, some Hippy is yelling at you because you put your paper plate in the wrong trash bin on accident.  {P.S- this actually has happened to me before!}  But in my house we have stepped up on our usage and recycling methods.  We have two garbage bins.  The green one for garbage and the blue one for recycling stuff.  Now just in the last couple of months, my dad has officially been called the Recycling Nazi.  At his work, they have a place where you can now recycle those plastic cover things you get on a new DVD and stuff like that.  So now if we throw away any of that plastic stuff, my dad freaks.  Ok so he doesn’t freak, he just takes it out of the trash and puts it in his “special bag.”  But all in all, I think I’m pretty good about recycling and I plan on doing it for many years more.  Or at least until we find some cool ways to just burn it all without the EPA freaking out.

Until next post, I bid you all a good day!

Post #7- Slice O’ Life

It’s a dark and quiet night. I comfort myself with a glass of milk and two warm chewy chocolate-chip cookies. I sit down to relax in a big cozy chair and start watching the DaVinci Code. This is going to be a great night I think to myself.  But wait something here is wrong, I thought with unease. Ahhhh! I forgot to do my blog. I leave my nice warm chair and dash to the computer.  As I get ready to type the only story I know to type is this. Yes, this may be the most boring post but it’s the best I can come up with on such short notice. Plus their’s two cookies waiting for me, which is more important.  So yeah……{munch, munch} this is a REALLY good cookie!

Post #6: Podcasting

A podcast that I was very interested in was, The Chocolate War, which was in the Ya! Cast.  This podcast had many special effects and great music, which really set the tone on the mood of the story.  I also like in the beginning when the person is talking about the story.  His voice is low, dark, and mysterious and it drew me in to the podcast.  His voice reminded me of the guy who is always on the movie trailers.  One thing that I really enjoyed about this podcast was them telling the story through the characters eyes.  They just tweaked their voices a little and told their part in the story as if the character was really there and talking to you.  My favorite character was one that they used special effects to tweak the voice.  He sounded like he belonged in Alvin and the Chipmuncks.  I recommend you listening to this podcast.  If you want to listen to it just press

Post #5 Text messaging

Personally I don’t believe that texting is being a good example to our reading and in our writing.  As a non-owner of a cell phone people probably think that I do not get what the greatness of texting really is.  All I say to them is, what greatness? I do not think that it is great not being able to spell simple words that a five year old knows how to spell. I read once in a survay that the most misspelled words are you and are.  Personally I think that is pathetic.  Yes,it is true that I’m not exactly little miss perfect when it comes to spelling. In fact I bet you that I at least spelled 5 words wrong in here.  I’m also not saying that I’ve never texted myself, but I prefer actually seeing someone when I talk to them.  So to all you texters out there, ttyl.